What We Do


Energy Afric operates predominantly in the downstream, midstream and upstream sectors, with strategic partnerships and access to international & local markets, refineries, & petroleum & marine assets. This assures quality service & product delivery at affordable pricing.

The core team at Energy Afric has a track record in marine, having managed crude oil tankers & provided oil support services with own assets. Leveraging on our extensive access to rigs, vessels & operation equipment such as AHTs, PSVs, fenders, FPSOs, & others, we can deliver efficient, courteous and cost saving services, at short notice.


Energy Afric’s philosophy of applying an integrated approach to solving electricity problems, and the unique perspective that everyone deserves electricity because the cost of darkness is higher than the cost of light, has helped us develop a strategic approach to the delivery of on & off-grid power solutions. We do this through a spectrum of clean energy solutions, from solar home and institutional systems, large scale community mini grids, solar street lights, & others, to bring quick power to many grateful customers.

With a development mantra for Africa, we also have the capacity for modern construction of all types of buildings, roads & institutional infrastructure.

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