NEITS Morning Session Day1

Dear Amb Macauley,
On behalf of the SPE and the planning committee, I wish to express our profound thanks for taking time to join in the very rich discussion at the Plenary session 1. Having you as part of our Plenary Session 1 was highly impactful and a great scene setting for the rest of the Summit.
We have received several feedback from attendees regarding the depth of the discussion, and particularly your insight on how Nigeria and Africa in general should grow its capacity to make affordable energy accessible to its people and how this can then culminate into our readiness to eventually transit to other forms of energy beyond fossil fuels with solar being the abundant resource we can begin to harness in the nearest term.
Please find attached some picture moments and below the links to the recording for the three plenary sessions. (events were streamed live on Youtube)
Day 1-Opening Session and Plenary Session 1:
Day 2- Plenary Session 2:
Day 3 – Plenary Session 3:
Many thanks
Onyinye Reginald-Ugwuadu
Panel Session SubCommittee Chair

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